Halloween party invitation poster

We have some awesome friends who go all out throwing their annual Halloween bash. Every year there’s a different theme and a new poster to tempt adventurous party-goers.

This year’s theme was Vegas Baby, Vegas! Since the iconic Las Vegas sign art was to be used as a prop at the party, we incorporated it into the poster.

The main emphasis is a beautiful and dramatic photo of a face-painted lady ready for a masquerade ball. We let the photo choice guide the layout as well as our choices for an elegant and contemporary type treatment and the rich, royal colors of gold and purple.

Normally, using four typefaces in a one-panel project is risky, but with as much experience and skill as we wield, it’s a no-brainer. There are so many beautiful typefaces in the world and not enough time to use them all!

We used Bordeaux Roman Bold (Vegas) and Avant Garde Gothic (Halloween Bash) sparingly; we chose Bickham Script (baby and some important tidbits) for contrast and elegance and the workhorse Franklin Gothic for most of the body copy.

Trick or treat? Definitely a treat!
Halloween party invitation poster