Sheri Hall

Hi! I’m Sheri.

I was born with a silver Apple in my mouth and have always been interested in art, technology & finding beauty in unexpected places.

What are the parts of your business that really excite you and make you happy to get up every day to do them? (I’ll tell you mine later.) Since you’re visiting a graphic designer’s web site, it’s probably not branding and graphic design.

Fortunately there’s a solution for that. I’m passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs create a brand that people love and want to buy from and work with. I use fresh, smart, killer graphic design to do this! I also want to make the world of marketing and advertising better looking, one brand at a time.

I work one-on-one with my clients to discover their unique personality and offerings and translate that into their perfect brand. Then I carry that look and feel through to their print materials (business card, online or printed flyer, brochures, post cards, annual reports, tee shirts etc.), web site and social media.

My clients end up with a brand they are wildly proud of as well as a library of done-for-them graphic elements (logo, photos, illustrations, web graphics, social media graphics) that they can easily use and reuse.

If you are jazzed to build your own killer brand right now, email me today to get started. I am ready to put pencil to paper to help make your brand a reality.

 I want to get started on my new brand!


Remember when I said I’d tell you the part about this business that excites me the most? My favorite part of design is typography. It’s a rare skill — combining a bunch of seemingly disparate typefaces into a beautiful, cohesive layout that communicates a message. Will you ever see me use Arial or Brush Script in my design? Ewww, no!

My favorite part of the design business is surprising and delighting clients by sending them mock-ups of their brand new logo. They are so excited, they want to pick more than one! And they are happy to find out that they can afford top-notch, custom design even on a small to medium-sized budget.

These are a few of my favorite things: fuzzy kitties, photogenic margaritas, baking cookies, iPhone photography & creative entertaining

Why do I get up every day and do this? Because I want to help my clients shine. I want to show them that they don’t need a huge design/marketing budget to compete with larger, more established companies. I think marketing challenges are often better solved with creativity and killer design than a pile of money.

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This is ancient Sheri history, but some people are curious, so I include it. It really shines a light on why I do what I do and how I got here.


I was born in Dallas, lived in Southern California during my childhood years and returned to Dallas for high school, where I attended Greenhill School — and somehow became valedictorian of my class! What year? Let’s say the ’80s.

I left high school planning to major in art; for graduation my dad gifted me a shiny new Apple IIgs because that’s what the Art Department at UNT used to teach design. Thankfully dad was often ahead of his time, being one of the first people in Dallas to get a Macintosh in February, 1984, after the iconic Super Bowl launch ad.

I went on to The University of North Texas where I majored in Advertising Art (the retro term for what they now call Communication Design) and minored in Marketing. And I met my husband-to-be Tom Hall.

Dad was on the ball again and offered to buy me a Mac IIci in the fall of my senior year so I could be learning professional design applications and be ahead of the crowd upon graduation. My first real design app was Adobe Illustrator; it has always been my favorite app for its precision and beautiful typographic capabilities.

My creative passions revolve around graphic design and photography. I began my design career at Match Advertising, an advertising and package design firm that specialized in fancy food packaging. To this very day, I love to stand in the chocolate bar aisle at Central Market and appreciate all the beautiful packaging … and the tasty chocolate!

After a few years of — what did the boss call it? — “paying your dues,” I was able to take my on-the-side freelance business to my own full-time boutique studio, Soleil Design.

In the mid ’90s I was perfectly positioned to apply my solid print design skills to the exciting “new” world of web design. Although I love the unique aspects of both print and web design, if you made me pick one, I’d have to give a slight edge to print (because there’s more control on the part of the designer).

After helping plan my 10-year high school reunion, I joined the Greenhill Alumni Board; it was a great opportunity to use my graphic design and creative event planning skills to help plan and market many memorable events. After serving 15 years, I moved off the board to doing more pro bono design and marketing work for large-scale art projects and non-profit organizations.

As a creative director at Soleil Design for over 20 years, I’ve designed gigabytes upon gigabytes of logosbrochures, packaging, posterscampaigns, web sites and more, primarily for companies in the fancy food and multi-family housing industries and educational non-profits.

I enjoy looking at the world with an artistic eye and documenting it with my iPhone. I also love my Canon Rebel, but let’s face it—that sucker is heavy! I’ve shot over 30,000 photos on five iPhones since July, 2007 and am very fond of this sage advice: the best camera is the one you have with you!

If you want to see what all kinds of fun I get into with my iPhone, please visit my photography site Opulent Pixel — it’s full of fresh, witty, local and stylish photography for fine art and fun art.