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We create fresh, smart, killer graphic design — logos, business cardsbrochures, web design & more! If you’re looking for cheap, one-size-fits-all, template stuff, this is not it! We craft every solution to put your product, company or cause in the spotlight, and help you achieve the results you need. You might be surprised how affordable custom graphic design can be. Just ask us!

We love to help our clients shine!

If you have a big, scary design project on your to-do list right now, call us. If you feel overwhelmed about how and where to start, call us. We can take that project off your to-do list and handle it for you, from start to finish, with our brilliant, dependable flair. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can cross that project off your to-do list!


This is what we do

 How can we help you? We provide fresh, smart, creative design and production for just about any application — whether it’s ink on a surface or pixels on a screen.


If what you have in mind is not listed here, please ask us! We’ve worked on some pretty unexpected and unusual projects in the last 20+ years. And we love a good, creative challenge. Bring it!

We’ll make you look brilliant — in print and online.

Jill M.

Jill M.

Publishing Consultant

Congratulations on your beautiful cookbook. It is going to be a great book! I can’t wait to hold one in my hand!

Chris G.

Chris G.


These options are all fantastic! I have never had such awesome logo choices!

Mark S.

Mark S.

Project Manager

Looks great!! Please go ahead and purchase the pictures; it looks wonderful. Way better than the brochure we originally had. Everyone loves the way it turned out. Looks terrific!

How we work

This is how we do it


Every project begins with a conversation between client and designer; together, we determine the project’s goals, its target market, desired look & feel and budget parameters.
And then …


  • We go to the drawing board (aka the sketchbook) and create a series of pencil sketches to quickly explore many design possibilities — let’s say 20+ for logos and 10+ for brochures and websites. (You may be wondering why we use something as basic as pencil and paper when we have a super computer and the industry’s best software at our fingertips. In the beginning stages of design, we find it much more efficient and creative to explore options this way. Remember: the computer is just a tool, (albeit a very fancy tool), and  does not design for us. Design takes place in the brain, eyes and hands of the designer.)
  • After the sketches are complete, we circle our favorite 3-5 options and move to the computer to create them in digital form.
  • At this point, we explore specific typefaces, shapes and arrangements of icons and text. We create everything in black and white so color variables don’t interfere with design decisions. (Also, as every good designer knows, a logo needs to look good in black and white because it will eventually need to be used that way.)
  •  After we’ve completed a handful of black and white options we send a PDF to the client and ask them for feedback. We incorporate their requests into the next round.
  • After a black and white version is approved, we do several color studies and the client chooses the one that best works for them.
  • After final approval, we create a folder of logos in black and white, PMS colors and process colors and in a variety of formats to send to the client; this empowers the client to send their logo to other vendors, publications etc. that need a high-quality logo file.

All Soleil Design projects follow this same path from concept to completion — so clients get to see options and make choices, but are not overwhelmed with too much to look at.

We have found that while most people can’t specifically describe what they want (and that’s a good thing because no one wants to put a designer in a box!), they can look at options and choose what they prefer and why.