Mateo’s banner, product sheet and photography

Mateo’s had an existing logo and label design, but had not yet established a look and feel for their print marketing when we stepped into the picture. Most of their sales are to restaurants and retail, so we knew we had to appeal to the business market more than the consumer market.

Our first mission was to photograph the product — bottles only (to show packaging) and product in use (to reinforce the end user’s viewpoint).

Next we designed a product sheet that reflected the colors and Trajan typeface from the logo; we emphasized the “Uniquely Different” tagline by running it over the product photo, putting it on an angle and giving it a rustic texture.

We set the type in two contrasting faces (one serif and one sans-serif) and highlighted part of the the copy with green small caps.

We set the contact info in a green bar at the bottom to draw attention to it. To finish out the layout we added a bold photo of the product in use.

Once we established a look it was easy to create a 7′ tall banner for a tradeshow banner by rearranging and resizing the pieces to fit the new proportion. Although the size is dramatically different, the branding is very consistent.

Mateo’s banner, product sheet and photography