Diploma Sender logo and business package

Diploma Sender is an internet-based service that manages GED testing data and delivers required documents to its test-taker customers. Since they are dealing with people in the education field, they wanted a strong, yet accessible mark for their company.

We chose a dominant “D” and wove a couple decorative elements through it to show motion (for the sending part, of course).

We chose a slab serif typeface since it is friendly and easy to read.

On the letterhead, we placed the logo top right, flush with the right margin of the letters printed to come. The wave element is repeated large and light at the bottom. The business card is designed to match, but the gold is a little stronger to stand out and attract attention, as any good  business card should do.

We also created a seal graphic for their web site to highlight an essay writing contest. It’s friendly, yet official and adds some new curves to the mix.

Diploma Sender logo and package